ON SALE - Kenya coffee beans Kigutha Estate 250g

ON SALE - Kenya coffee beans Kigutha Estate 250g

The Kigutha Estate is on the slopes in the Aberdare mountain range near the town of Kiambu at an altitude of about 1700 metres, about fifty miles north of Nairobi. The estate, a subsidiary of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, works closely with the local community to help manage environmental (water usage, environmental impact, animal conservation and local amenities) and local concerns. Its employment base is drawn from the local communities and they provide clean water to the local school as well as having helped to build a nursery for children too young for school yet.

The Kigutha estate is located near the town of Kiambu, on the slopes of the Aberdare mountain range, at an altitude of 1700 metres. The estate is a subsidiary of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, a German company with operations in 26 countries and 46 subsidiaries. They have a well-documented commitment to working with local communities to sustainably produce excellent coffees.

This coffee is best as a medium roasted, espresso or stovetop, with or without milk, up to you. It has a chocolatey, sweet flavour with just a hint of orange. Enjoy!

We use 250g of green beans, but the resultant weight of the roasted beans varies depending on roast, humidity, and some other weird factors that are somewhat unpredictable, but means the coffee you receive will be somewhere between 200g and 215g, though maybe a couple of grams more or less than that.

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