Costa Rica SHB Green raw Dota coffee beans 1 Kg

Costa Rica SHB Green raw Dota coffee beans 1 Kg

It's sweet from start to finish, light but with a pleasing presence. This is the second Dota coffee we've carried, and is one of our customers' and our own favourites, with true origin character. 

Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) coffee in Costa Rica means that it was grown from 1200 to 1650 meters which means a dense bean that can be roasted to a variety of levels, though we really don't recommend roasting darker than full city. 

This coffee also does well as both as an espresso brew or in a filtered brew. We like the smoothness, and thought that a medium roast was a great roast to have as cafe latte or cafe con leche in the morning. 

This is processed using the 'honey' method, meaning that when the berries are pulped, not all of the pulp is washed off before it is dried. It is different from the 'wet' processing method in that not all of the pulp is left on, and different from the 'washed' method in that some is left. The honey method is meant to add to the sweetness, and comparing the same beans using the washed method and the honey method, there is a slightly sweeter note on this honey-processed bean.