ON SALE - Arnulfo Leguizamo Primavera coffee from Colombia 250g

ON SALE - Arnulfo Leguizamo Primavera coffee from Colombia  250g

Arnulfo Leguizamo's Primavera took first place in the 2013 Cup of Excellence Competition, with a score of 94. Not only did it win that award, but Pete Licata won the World Barista Championship in Melbourne in 2013 using this coffee.

Love and altitude took Arnulfo to San Augustin in Huila area where he married and inherited a 1 hectare farm, which he planted with coffee. Eventually buying another two hectares, his farm is called Primavera, or spring. He lives there with his wife and four children, and has a strong belief in sustainably farming, and not polluting the land. He uses the fresh water available to process his beans in a washed process he calls Casa Elda.

We use 250g of green beans, but the resultant weight of the roasted beans varies depending on roast, humidity, and some other weird factors that are somewhat unpredictable, but means the coffee you receive will be somewhere between 200g and 215g, though maybe a couple of grams more or less than that.

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