ON SALE - Colombia Huila Las Brisas coffee 250g

ON SALE - Colombia Huila Las Brisas coffee 250g

At the end of the coffee harvest every year, there is a competitition in the Huila area of Colombia called the 'Best of Huila' competition. It is open to all, though most are traditional family-run farms with an average two to four hectares. Each entry submitted includes 20 bags, and the Huila coffee is tasted over five days, and narrowed down to 20 best from around 100.

At the end of last season, this coffee was one of the best, and you can see why: It is very sweet at lighter roasts, with just a slight acidic bite. It has chocolate/cherry notes and is a very nice coffee, at a light roast, to serve with milk. It cattura coffee varietal and a Castillo coffee. We don't know much about the producer, but believe that he is a small producer from the area around Huila, with an interesting back-story yet to be discovered. His coffee, however, is here for you to discover today.

We use 250g of green beans, but the resultant weight of the roasted beans varies depending on roast, humidity, and some other weird factors that are somewhat unpredictable, but means the coffee you receive will be somewhere between 200g and 215g, though maybe a couple of grams more or less than that.

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