ON SALES - Santa Lucia Estate coffee from Brazil 250g

ON SALES - Santa Lucia Estate coffee from Brazil 250g

Another Minas Gerais coffee, the Santa Lucia Estate is located near the same area of Carmo de Minas as our other Brasilian coffee, Carmo Estate. Santa Lucia Estate is one of the coffee fazendas of Brazil which is owned by the Sertao Group, a family-run business of the Pereira family, with over a century's experience in coffee production.

Like other coffees of this South Minas area also benefit from, the growing conditions are perfect for coffee: Good fresh water, defined seasons, a good altitude , and the Sertao group have invested in a large coffee plantation, that is run by the sons of Jose Isidro Pereira and Nazareth Dias Pereira, the two brothers that built the estate into what it is today.

This is a yellow bourbon, catuai varietal Arabica coffee, one of a growing number of specialty coffees coming from Brazil.

We think this coffee is good at light and medium roasts, and like it's sweetness at those roast levels.

We use 250g of green beans, but the resultant weight of the roasted beans varies depending on roast, humidity, and some other weird factors that are somewhat unpredictable, but means the coffee you receive will be somewhere between 200g and 215g, though maybe a couple of grams more or less than that.

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