ON SALE - Carmo Estate coffee from Brazil 250g

ON SALE - Carmo Estate coffee from Brazil  250g

This coffee is farmed in Heliodora, a town in the south of the Minas Gerais state in Southern Brazil. Though my daughter doesn't like Minas, owing to a longstanding rivalry with my own Goias state, they make some great coffee! In Heliodora there are mountains and springs, contributing two of the most important things for good coffee--altitude and good water. 

The Carmo estate is owned by the Junquiera family, who have been farming coffee for 150 years, and has 202 hectares under cultivation. Though that is quite a lot, they have a unique profit-sharing scheme so that their employees can become owners and profit from the popularity of this lovely blend of chocolate, hazelnut, and cocoa flavours. This profit-sharing is quite unusual among Brazilian coffee farms.

This is a Brazil yellow bourbon coffee variety of Arabica coffee, unique to Brazilian coffee plantations in this area. This coffee does well with both the lighter roasts, and the darker roasts, and both as an espresso brew or in a filtered brew. This is the premiere roast of Rachel's Roastery, and I am excited to share one from my home country of Brasil. I love this coffee, and hope you do, too!

We use 250g of green beans, but the resultant weight of the roasted beans varies depending on roast, humidity, and some other weird factors that are somewhat unpredictable, but means the coffee you receive will be somewhere between 200g and 215g, though maybe a couple of grams more or less than that.

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