Welcome to Rachel's Roastery. I am Rachel, and this is my on-demand coffee store on the web.

What is 'on-demand' coffee? It is coffee that is roasted and ground according to your preferences, just for you, right now, fresh, and then put in the post, arriving one or two days later. That delay, by the way, is actually a good thing: Fresh roast coffee needs at least a day to 'rest', and release some of the CO2 that is part of the roasting process. 

Think of coffee as something that is best had fresh. You will be delighted and amazed at the difference between fresh-roasted coffee and stuff that has been sitting on the shelf for a month or more. 

And not only is it fresh, but it is fresh and roasted to how you like it. The darkness of a roast makes a huge difference in the taste of the coffee, and some like it dark and some lighter. Darker is going to taste smokier, and have a much stronger and sometimes more bitter taste, while a lighter roast will likely have more subtle flavours and a smoother taste. 

Finally, it is ground to how you like it, if you wish. This one has led to a few arguments at the roastery. I don't think that we should grind the coffee before it is used. If my mission is to sell you fresh coffee, I really can't in good conscience grind the coffee and send it. Why? It loses it's aroma and flavour, and you should really only grind coffee just prior to using it. HOWEVER, my partner pointed out that many people who want to enjoy good coffee don't have grinders. So, we went out and purchased a Mazzer Super Jolly, which is a very good grinder, and is very precise, and if we have to grind it at least it is ground perfectly! But please consider buying your own grinder! It makes a difference. 

Enjoy the fresh taste of amazing varieties of coffee from around the world, roasted just for you right here in East London.