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Coffee roasting has traditionally been a large industrial activity...before it wasn't! My avo (Portuguese for grandma) Maria used to roast her own coffee in the shed behind her house in Goainia, Brasil, smoking up the whole neighbourhood. She had her own way of roasting that was just hers, and it was her coffee that inspired me to roast my own coffee. The truth is, though, that she did occasionally make mistakes, and that the wood-fired roaster produced inconsistent, though often amazing, results.

Roasting coffee is an art, and with the increase in artisan roasters, that art has extended to deciding which roast fits which beans best and deciding that was how these particular beans will be roasted. There are some amazing coffees, but those coffees' flavours, aromas, and tastes are those that the roaster chose. 

Rachel's Roastery is about bringing professional techniques to your preferences. We want to be your on-demand roaster, roasting in small quantities the small batches whose roast and grind are the choices you make.