New Coffees, Subscriptions and Frothy Happenings

July 10, 2015 Rachel Cabral

Well, it has been busy here at the roastery, and I would like to share some of what's been happening.

Firstly, we have recently added four new coffees. These are all specialty coffees of exceptional quality. Three are from South and Central America and one from Papua New Guinea. This is part of our mission to carry a variety of coffees, and is one we will continue with. In fact, we are going to Brazil at the end of the month and expect to find some more lovely coffees from my home country. 

We have also added the ability to subscribe weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to regular deliveries of coffee. In addition to the obvious advantage this has, which is never being without your favourite coffee, you get a 10% discount on every order. And we are also offering, while stocks last, a milk frother for every new subscription. I hadn't used one of these until very recently, and now I wouldn't be without mine. It is much simpler and takes up a lot less space than an espresso machine. It is also faster and easier to clean. I use it for cappuccino, as the froth I am able to produce is quite foamy. However, there is a technique for producing finer bubbles that work well for lattes or even flat whites. Look up 'milk frother' on Youtube. 

I've also added a chat function on the site, that you can see at the bottom right of your screen. This allows you to ask questions of Nik or myself. I've also got my first Twitter follower (!), and will be putting more announcements on Twitter. 

During the above-mentioned trip to Brazil, there may be some delay in shipping your subscription orders. Please accept my apology in advance. We are not big enough yet to have another employee to mind the shop, and this is just the reality. What I am looking at doing is actually filling the orders from Brazil. That will only be for subscription orders, however, because in reality the postage from Brazil is quite expensive, and I will end up losing money on every order. So, single orders will have to be put on hold. I will effectively shut up shop for the month of August. So, please place all orders before July 25th, and if you have a subscription, I will be sending you an email shortly to explain things.

I really hope that you find our coffee as delicious as we try to make it, and thanks for your custom!


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