April 27, 2015 Rachel Cabral

Well, this has been a busy couple of weeks, I must say! Getting the website up and running, looking after my rather demanding six month-old, Sophia, half-term holiday for my fifteen year-old including a brief hop over to Belgium (lovely waffles!), and roasting coffee! Whew! Who knew life would be so busy in your forties! I've been sampling a lot of the product lately, just to stay awake!

Our first coffee is one that we have just gotten in, and I am really confident that you will love. After all, it's Brasilian, who wouldn't love it! We have done quite a lot of testing, in each of eight roasts, which we have created roasting 'profiles' for, which include how long to roast them, and at what temperature at what points in the process to roast for each of the eight roasts. And then we tested them out using a variety of brewing methods, including a stove top, French press, filtered, and using an espresso machine. 

We've also tested a new grinder, and are offering to grind your coffee for you prior to sending it out, but please don't take us up on this offer! Coffee tastes soooo much better freshly ground, and we really want you to enjoy our coffee in the best possible way, which means within 10-15 minutes of being ground. We have decided to offer grinding, as that seems to be an expectation, but really recommend that you buy a grinder of your very own. I've been contacting wholesalers today to ask them about grinders, and we will soon be selling those on the site, too. 

Welcome to my roastery, and I really look forward to roasting for you!




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