We roast it how you want it, but...

January 15, 2016 Rachel Cabral

I've written a story on my Hub Pages hub on coffee roasting that I thought you might be interested in. It is the first about my philosophy and approach to different aspects of coffee roasting, and I hope you enjoy it!

New Coffees, Subscriptions and Frothy Happenings

July 10, 2015 Rachel Cabral

Well, it has been busy here at the roastery, and I would like to share some of what's been happening. Firstly, we have recently added four new coffees. These are all specialty coffees of exceptional quality. Three are from South and Central America and one from Papua New Guinea. This is part of our mission to carry a variety of coffees, and is one we will continue with. In fact, we are going to Brazil at the end of the month and expect to find some more lovely coffees from my home country.  We have also added the ability to...


April 27, 2015 Rachel Cabral

Well, this has been a busy couple of weeks, I must say! Getting the website up and running, looking after my rather demanding six month-old, Sophia, half-term holiday for my fifteen year-old including a brief hop over to Belgium (lovely waffles!), and roasting coffee! Whew! Who knew life would be so busy in your forties! I've been sampling a lot of the product lately, just to stay awake! Our first coffee is one that we have just gotten in, and I am really confident that you will love. After all, it's Brasilian, who wouldn't love it! We have done quite a lot...